Aquarius woman dating cancer man

Posted by / 07-Nov-2016 09:42

Aquarius is polite enough in a room full of friends, but still comes off as the “slightly off” one.

Similarly, Cancer has been off the well-worn path his whole life.

Having a big sweet hunk of a guy take care of you, gives Aquarius the perfect cover.

I Was So Sure About Both Of The Cancer Men I Was Involved With Though And I Thought The Search For Mr. Cancer Men Are Quite The Charmers, But I'm Also Coming To Terms That The Two Cancer Men I Dated Had Similar Characteristic, Both Cheater's, Both Liars, Both Emotional Manipulators, & Both Extremely Weird.

I Would Never Tell A Anyone To Discard A Relationship Or View It Negatively Because Of What Astrology/Books Says, Or To Go By What Other's Say Or What I Say, Just Follow Your Heart, And Just Because The Aquarius/Cancer Relationship Didn't Work Out For Me, Doesn't Mean It Won't For You.

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I've been dating a Cancer man for nearly 6 yrs now. he definitely doesn't understand that love comes in all forms. even though he drives me crazy sometimes, I know that he has a good heart and that's really all that matters to me.

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Aquarius Sun/Aries Moon/Pisces Venus & Pisces Mars Woman Astrology Is Much More Complicated Than Sun Sign Compatibility, If You Truly Believe It Can Determine Your Relationships Outcomes, Than You'll Have To Compare Birth Charts/Synastry.

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