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Fingerprint Classification was developed by Sir Francis Galton in 1888 so that fingerprints could be retrieved in a reasonable amount of time.

Sir Edward Henry expanded on Galton's system, and his manual filing system paved the way for the computerized classification systems that exist today.

Even to this day, Sir Henry's work on Fingerprint Patterns has held up under critical review.

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The patterns of the ridges of our fingers are distinct in every individual.

The four basic pattern classifications established by Sir Edward Richard Henry in 1896 are the arch, the loop, the whorls, and the composites.

He was arrested a short time later, hanging around a nearby high school.

Police showed his picture to his victim in the hospital where she was being treated.

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Over the past century, the fingerprinting process has become more sophisticated, and it has been put to many more uses.

Read more in the Fingerprint Identification article.

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