Charlyne yi dating michael

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Charlyne yi dating michael

She gained some notoriety when she wrote and starred in the fictionalized indie documentary Paper Hearts with then-boyfriend Michael Cera.You might also recognized Charlyne Yi from the Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro, in which she played Wheelchair Jody.

She recently appeared in the 2007 Knocked Up alongside Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl. Playing themselves, Yi and Cera embark on a scripted version of their own story.In the movie, Yi has agreed to be the subject of a documentary about her quest to discover if love really exists, since she's never experienced it.Yi volunteered at an orphanage in Sri Lanka, and while there she collaborated with a group of orphans on a short album called "Mr.Charlyne Yi, born January 4, 1986, is a writer, stand-up comedian and performance artist.

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Melding truth and fantasy, Paper Heart uses equal parts comedy and realism to resolve the ultimate question of whether love is fact or fiction.