Common dating pitfalls

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Common dating pitfalls

She focuses on helping people feel empowered in their dating lives, and find clarity in a world that often causes people to doubt their own worth.

Teichman spoke to INSIDER about the most common pitfalls she sees her clients encounter, and how she gets them to a place of strength and self-awareness.

“I honestly think people don’t understand the impact of what they are saying,” says Oikle, founder of, a website offering singles insight and resources for finding love on the Internet.

Neurotic, negative, insecure, unavailable and wounded people who disguise their hurt through arrogance reveal common red flags in their profiles, Oikle says.

"When it comes to compatibility, most people think personality is the most important thing to look out for, but that actually isn't true," she said.

"It's shared goals and values that make the relationship last."in your relationship, it's a problem," she said.

Dating experts say dissecting profiles and analyzing commonly used phrases can pinpoint players and cull the keepers, increasing the chances of becoming one of the estimated one in five couples that meet online.

Jennifer Oikle, a Denver relationship psychologist and dating coach, says what’s written in a profile may reveal more about who the individuals are and who they tend to attract than they realize.

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