Drug and alcohol dating site

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Drug and alcohol dating site

“This is how it’s going to be—sitting in church basements, listening to people talk about trying to stay sober.” After getting sober in 2007, Hamm’s life was far from over.He began organizing summer beach trips for people in the recovery community.

They can choose to send un-blurred versions of their photos directly to the inboxes of people in whom they’re interested. Gottlieb suggested CFN’s app is a more reliable bet than going on a regular site and simply filtering for singles who say they don’t drink. Gottlieb said he still would have checked the “I don’t drink box.” “I’d want to play like I’m a good guy,” he said.Like on Ok Cupid, users make profiles where they can display photos, and information about their personalities and interests.Like on Tinder, two users can only start messaging each other once they’ve each “liked” one another.Make friends with people who know you don't need to drink to have a good time.Find Friendship Support and Love for Gay and Lesbian Sober Singles in AA, NA, Al-Anon, OA, GA and all Gay Friends in Recovery Welcome to Sober Gay Dating.com, The ONLY Sober Gay Dating Site devoted to Sober Gay Men, Sober Gay Lesbians, and Sober Gay Singles (and Friends) in the GLBT community who are in AA, NA and any 12 Step Program of Recovery.

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” A new wave of sober social apps, Sober Grid, Clean Fun Network and Sober, are setting out to make the online territory a lot easier for non-drinkers to navigate.