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This time next weekend I will be moving in to my new home. Not only did I find a great place with a great roommate...

I was able to use several of the links you provided. You do a really solid job of providing the information to all parties, your follow up with potential matches, and providing the email outlet for easy communications.

But Svaty’s got problems with Democrats because of his anti-abortion voting record.

July 4, 2017 Business Faced with declining attendance since 2010, the Kansas City T-Bones and the Unified Government reach a new management agreement that has the UG paying part of Community America Ballpark’s utilities, property taxes at a Legends parking lot and no longer collecting lease payments from the baseball team.

The Buzz A national group of civil rights attorneys says that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach may have violated a federal law by promoting his work on President Donald Trump’s voter commission on his campaign website.

The Buzz Ken Selzer, who was first elected insurance commissioner in 2014, joins a growing list of Republican candidates who have either already announced campaigns or have floated their interest in the race to the media.

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Most recently Google Chrome Browser has stopped supporting NPAPI which is needed for Digi Chat to run.

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