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He marries 3 wifes and leaves them and giving wrong message to the youth to marry 3 wifes - manikantavarma Mahesh Babu HE is the Badshah An D handsome hunk, Perfect all rounder In acting The Best brand Ambassadorial Superstar Prince Mahesh is the BEST! Mahesh also has the highest number of girl fans just like me There are many words to describe him: Tall, Handsome, Young, Charming, Cute, Cool, Awesome, Terrific, Extraordinary, Attractive, Brave, Unbeatable... He is the handsome stylish hunk of tollywood he has all the quality to rule the tollywood industry within no time... R He brought value to the art, like his grand father, dialogue delivery, rays, navarasa tempo bhavam, the essence of odour all cannot observe and enjoy, he done and left to the public to have the same. His acting was different from others & he accepted truly the cinema was hit or flop, he never tell like my was super duper hit and creating records. He also physically maintains himself and is very handsome. He appears as quite a humble person although he displays larger than life persona on screen. He has DIE-HARD fan following because of VERSATILE ACTING, MARSHAL-ARTS FIGHTS, STYLES, TREND SETTER, different Mannerisms. NOW he is most popular NO: 1 SUPER STAR IN INDIA not only as CINEMA HERO but also personally by his Inspiring thoughts, simple behaviour, like a saint, maintaining individuality, unnecessarily no comments on others. PAVAN KALYAN IS DIFFERENT BRAND AMONG INDIAN SUPER STARS. PROUD TO BE AN INDIANWE PROUD TO BE A FAN OF PAVAN KALYANPAVAN KALYAN IS BRAND AMONG ALL THE SUPERSTARS ..Pawan kalyan is a waste person.. He helps the needs and he is best of that waste fellow pawan kalyan super star Prabhas Prabhas is stylish, Handsome and Youth icon in film industry he is acting is kekaa. He is having all the qualities required for a Superstar. We can say he is In one word super actor handsome hero all time tollywood He was suitable for all types of characters... He has grown as an actor and sharpened his skills over time, not to mention that he has matured and created an extraordinary sense of style., English: Andhrite) is a 2004 Telugu action film written and directed by Puri Jagannadh and has Jr NTR playing the main role.Rakshitha, Sayaji Shinde, and Rahul Dev play important roles.

They speak out what they think, in that order they believe in doing what they think which is what makes them the best.

Kalidas one slokam is there, "patting on back and telling how are you" wording on mother, child, sister, and at last on wife, but dialog is same and acting is same but the dialoguer delivery expression is differences, which is called as acting I. bhavam, in the wording tempo nava rasas, body language, face expression, all are important which are made by Jr. He delivers the dialogue very well and he dances well he is the king of acting He is the absolutely number one hero in the Tollywood.. His movies are very enjoyable movies and he is very hard work person, with out any film background. Another thing I feel good about as a female fan is that women are never wearing skimpy clothes and always respected in his films.

For long just like NTR and CHIRU He dedicated 5 years to 1 movie he is nyc actor nyc heart - manikantavarma Jr. Beauty flower is there no use, without smell, but jr ntr proved that he is beautiful flower and good acting of odour. He is not great, his teacher are great who thought all those things. His movies has some moral to the society, he is a great dancer & matured actor He ha S goo D crow D i N hi S fan O h E think S abou T hi S fan T the Y hav E a N bette R futur E - Riteeshkumar Allu Arjun Dancing dynamite... He is an all-rounder Ravi Teja True star so realistic acting ravi teja rocks nice actor He is very energetic person. Love his films especially in the last 4-5 years good choice of script.

In the ensuing mafia feud, Bade Mia kills Shankar and his wife (Sanghavi).

Basha (Benarjee) - a trusted lieutenant of Sankar - takes away the kid to rescue him from Bade Mia. While Basha is in search of Munna to safeguard him, Bade Mia is in search of him to avenge the death of his son in the hands of Shankar.

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When mafia goons follow him, Basha leaves the kid on a footpath besides a beggar and leaves. Thanks to the similarities in appearance of father and son, Basha and Bade Mia recognize that Munna is son of Sankar.