Syl dating kirsty 18 friends vs dating

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Syl dating kirsty 18

Thanks Im not 100% sure on this but I believed the law was that you couldn't leave her behind before she turned 16 unless you assigned custody/guardianship over to someone like a family member close friend you'd trust to raise would be awful to be away from your daughter, but at least this way your not irreparably damaging your relationship and you know she has someone looking out for her. I understand why a girl her age does not want to leave her environment to move so far from friends, school, etc. She has an older brother who is 19 and they just don't get on.

We were spoilt for choice and definitely well looked after.

I think legally she has not option but to accompany you, unless she goes to court and asks for emancipation. My Daughter turns 16 in February and I am torn with being with my Husband and also doing whats right for my Daughter. She just doesn't want to leave her school, clubs and friends most of all which I can understand but I feel that there is so many opportunities she could experience and have. I am of the opinion that if it doesn't work out in Africa we can always come back here.

What are her reasons for not moving with the rest of the family? My husband and I have already been apart for 9 months and it isn't easy. It's worth giving it a try, but that's my opinion and not hers.

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