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Updating madden 08 roster

The Madden 17 release date arrived on August 23rd and you can now play Madden 17 on Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360.The game is available as a download and on disc with many Madden 17 deals cutting or more off the price — but if you buy on Amazon one of the deals is about to expire.There is also a special Madden 17 Xbox One bundle that includes the new Xbox One S and Madden 17 for 9.99.

A decade after signing a controversial exclusivity deal with the league and the players union, Madden is still the only licensed NFL game in town.“Yeah,” Moore said as Newton hobbled toward him, “let’s talk about your speed.” Eventually, Newton was pleading with Moore to not make him slower.Such is the power afforded Moore, a hyperactive Floridian who works as the official Ratings Czar evaluating them in categories ranging from passing accuracy to tackling ability.I am one of the people that is in that install base.I buy Madden and NCAA Football every single year at midnight launches. I have been through both good and bad Maddens over the years.

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While the game is not on Frostbite this year like FIFA 17 and it does not contain a My Journey mode yet, a Madden 17 designer teases that Frostbite is coming and that there may be something like My Journey in Madden down the road.

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