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Validating visual basic 2016 text box

When text exceeds the boundaries of the control, you can allow the control to automatically wrap text by setting the Multi Line property to True and add scroll bars by setting the Scroll Bars property to add either a horizontal or vertical scroll bar, or both.Automatic text wrapping will be unavailable, however, if you add a horizontal scroll bar because the horizontal edit area is increased by the presence of the scroll bar.When the Multi Line property is set to True, you can also adjust the alignment of the text to either Left Justify, Center, or Right Justify. If the Multi Line property is False, setting the Alignment property has no effect.

This example requires that a Text Box and Error Provider control have been created on a form.

Text boxes also allow you to display multiple lines, to wrap text to the size of the control, and to add basic formatting.

Text entered into the text box control is contained in the Text property.

By default, you can enter up to 2048 characters in a text box.

If you set the Multi Line property of the control to True, you can enter up to 32K of text.

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Here, Dennis Taylor explores how the data validation tools in Excel 2016 can be used to set dropdown lists and control numeric, text, date, and time entries.

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