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Validating webpages

To combat this, we can use htmlspecialchars(), htmlentities() or strip_tags(); htmlspecialchars() takes a string and as optional parameters – ‘flags’, the ‘encoding’ to be used when converting the characters and a ‘double encoding’ option which is set to true by default and when turned off forces PHP not to encode existing HTML entities.A sample usage would prevent such XSS vulnerabilities and show the tags instead of applying them: SNIPPET 2 However, htmlspecialchars only changes the ampersand, double quotes, and less and greater than symbols by default. For example, here is a sample way to apply tags when the single quotes are not escaped.Client Side Validation does not require a postback.If the user request requires server resources to validate the user input, you should use Server Side Validation.The W3C provides a public online HTML validator service that automatically checks a submitted webpage against most of the formal rules (semantic, syntax, document structure) of the HTML 4.01 specification and then reports any error found.

Included are a number of specific validators that cover common scenarios such as validating for presence, data type or range.Therefore, the best starting step to ensure a webpage appears and works as intended in all modern web browsers and web rendering softwares is to write HTML code adhering to the HTML 4.01 specification.Generally speaking, a webpage using valid HTML code along with valid CSS code is smaller in size (so downloading is faster) and is also rendered considerably faster in modern browsers.In the example above, the string is passed to the Mail Address constructor which throws a Format Exception if it isn't a valid email address. Otherwise it is considered a valid format for an email address and require error messages, and there is currently no way to protect against a programmer forgetting to supply one, so the way to get round this is to provide a default one yourself.You can do this by creating a method that returns an This Email method now tests to see if an error message has already been provided.

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If the user request does not require any server resources to validate the input , you can use Client Side Validation.